Dr. Gindi

Modelling the infinity of our existence

Educated as a medical doctor, the German-Egyptian sculptor Dr Gindi spent her entire life wandering around different cultures and alongside emotional abysses. She attempts to understand why certain phenomena appear as they are and why she interacts with them in the way she does.

“Over the years, my experience in both science and life has taught me that our existence and options are infinite – if we allow them to be. Submitting to fate and having a sense of resignation can often be the norm, but if we can metamorphosize these attitudes, we shall be able to model the infinity of our existence”..

Her classical training as a sculptor enables Dr. Gindi to approach humanness more profoundly. Through working with models and meticulously exploring the human morphology, inner dialogues are evoked and reflected in her works. Her sculptures are made from different materials. The most recent ones are generated of clay and later transformed into bronze.

“My work is full of dichotomies as I seek to stage paradox and harmony. I am not dogmatic about my style as I make sculptures that resist codification. I am always developing and thus returning back to its origins – the figurative kneading of clay.”


2022: Membership Portrait Society of America, Florida, U.S.A.
2021: Figurative Painting and Sculpture Contest Finalist 2021
2021: Membership National Sculpture Society (NSS), New York, USA
Finalist Art Renewal Center 2021 – 15th ARC International Exhibition
2021: Artischock Membership – Swiss Association of the Arts
2020: Graduation at the Florence Academy of Art, Sculptor Program, Italy
1993–2013: Working experience as medical doctor and entrepreneur
1995: Doctoral degree, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany
1984–1993: Medical Studies
Lived in Switzerland, Italy, France, China, Egypt, Hungary, Germany
2022: Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, Spain
2021: The Florence Academy of Art, Online Exhibition, Italy
2021: Basel Art Center during Art Basel, Solo Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
2021: Kulturschiene, Group Exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland
2021: European Museum of Modern Art, Group Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain
2021: The Florence Academy of Art, Online Exhibition, Italy
2020: The Florence Academy of Art, Online Exhibition, Italy
2000: Stadtwerke Ettlingen, Germany
1999: German Embassy, Beijing, China
1999: Welle Furniture, Beijing, China