Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash (“MBW”) is the pseudonym of French-born street artist Thierry Guetta, who came to all parts of the Western world after the film Exit Through the Gift Shop directed by fellow street artist Banksy.

Thierry became known in the world of street art for one reason: his obsession with filming absolutely everything that revolved around his life with a video camera. After discovering that his cousin was interested in art and specifically in street art, he decided to start filming all the street art actions carried out by the also artist “Space Invader”. As a result of this, he began to meet other street artists whom he would also film in their wanderings, until one day he met Banksy, which clearly changed his life.

Banksy and Thierry thus became friends and Thierry began to record all of Banksy’s street art actions, to later make a documentary with all the recorded material. Banksy asked Thierry to edit it. The documentary according to Banksy turned out to be maddening, an hour and a half of flashes and bombardment of images without meaning or plot, which made Banksy suggest that he forget about the video camera for a while and start creating his own street art pieces.

Thierry, after wallpapering half of Los Angeles with his “prints” for a while, decided to hold an exhibition in Los Angeles to make himself known, but to do so he sold all his assets to hire a team of designers to work for him. The promotion and marketing of the exhibition was very important for the gathering of the public, so much so that it was a great success and catapulted him onto the international art circuit, rubbing shoulders with the most important contemporary artists.